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Planning an event

If you are planning an event and think you need communications, there are a number of things to consider.

Do you need RAYNET?
RAYNET can provide radio voice over a wide area, in principle internationally! We can also provide radio related services such as automatic live position reporting of suitably equipped vehicles or personnel. To use RAYNET you must have a User Service, typically one of the First Aid organisations. Please contact us for more details of this.

Can I run my event using mobile phones?
Possibly, but bear in mind you can only talk to one other person at a time so it can be difficult to disseminate information quickly. It can also be expensive! And you may not have mobile phone coverage at all the checkpoints.

So why RAYNET?
Amateur radio has a wide selection of frequencies available, so interference is never a problem. Our radios can be hand-held or vehicle mounted, with much greater power available to us than CB, so long ranges are practical. If necessary we set up repeaters stations to either extend coverage, or get it into difficult areas. Within the Cumbria Group we also have a number of four wheel drive radio equipped vehicles, with experienced off-road drivers and some very experienced long distance/fell walkers that make up our sweep team.

Non Amateur Radio Equipment!
Cumbria RAYNET Group's members can be used for their own personal knowledge as experienced radio equipment operators on your existing business radio network i.e: Staffing of Event or Joint Operational Control Room.

What will it cost me?
Although in principle CRG does not charge for its services, as a Group we have expenses and overheads to cover such as, Public Liability insurance, Employers Liability insurance and the upkeep of our groups equipment. So we do always ask for a donation to help out with our running costs.

What next?
Contact us, as soon as possible. The better the notice we have, the more likely it is we can get a good number of operators out on the day. We have a lot of experience in our area, so may be able to advise you about the coverage required. Please remember that we cannot act as marshalls or other officials for your event, our role is to support you.

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