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Jon Broxap and Andy Schofield continue to preserve the friendly but competitive atmosphere of this annual event that provides a fitting memorial to Ian Hodgson,
and a challenge and enjoyment to many fell runners. A challenging event for radio communications too.

Registered Volunteers
Date rec'vd
2016 M0PWD CRG Control
2017 2E0CKC CRG  
2017 2E0ACE 2017  
2017 M6EOR CRG  
2017 RAY2295 CRG  
2017 M6RNF CRG  
2017 2E0DYE CRG  
2017 RAY2285 CRG  
2017 M0JPI CRG  
2017 2E0TBT CRG  
2017 G6ZET CRG  
2017 G0SCV Leeds  
2017 M0DCD Richmond  
2017 G4DCY Keighley  
2017 M0JTM Keighley  
2017 G8YDC Cleveland  


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