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The Fred - Sunday 13th May 2018
There is also a need for non-radio operating personel to assist - all are most welcome.

The Fred Whitton Cycle Challenge is an arduous event for the competitors - this year commencing from Grasmere Sports Field
It presents many new challenges to ensure radio coverage is consistent over the several Lake District Passes and back to HQ.
It is a mammoth task, and any help will be needed.

Registered Volunteers
Date rec'vd
2017 M0PWD CRG Control
2017 2E0TBT CRG  
2017 2E0CKC CRG  
2017 M6RNF CRG  
2017 2E0DYE CRG  
2017 RAY02287 CRG  
2017 M0JPI CRG  
2017 M6EOR CRG  
2017 RAY02295 CRG  
2017 G6FIT CRG  
2017 M0NOM CRG  
2017 G6ZET CRG  
2017 RAY2319 CRG  
2017 G0VOF CRG  
2017 2E0ACE CRG  
2017 G0AWM North Lancs  
2017 GW7JKK Bolton  
2017 MM0WWH D&G  
2017 MM6MNG D&G  
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