Terms, Conditions and Limitations

General Information.

RAYNET is a national organisation of voluntary groups of Radio Amateurs and radio enthusiasts dedicated to providing a comprehensive communications service to assist the Emergency Services, Voluntary Emergency Services and the community. RAYNET is a non-profit making organisation. Most RAYNET Groups do not receive grants or external funding and are reliant on donations from event organisers and the reimbursement of reasonable expenses to be able to continue to provide the service. In essence when members join RAYNET they agree to provide their radio equipment and time free of charge and to train to be prepared and equipped to operate in the field unsupported; ideally a shift not should not exceed eight hours. 
The User Service Rule.

RAYNET members under the terms, conditions and limitations of their Ofcom issued Amateur Radio Licence, Wireless Telegraphy Act 2006 [Reference: Section 2.1(2)] are permitted to pass messages on behalf of such organisations as:- 

the British Red Cross, 
the St John Ambulance, 
the St Andrew's Ambulance Association, 
the Women’s Royal Voluntary Service (WRVS), 
the Salvation Army, 
any Government Department, 
any ‘Category 1’ responder, and 
any Category '2' responder as defined in the Civil Contingencies Act 2004. 

These are known as User Services [Reference: Section 17(1)(qq)] See full Licence for details. Therefore all non emergency & planned event organisers must provide a formal letter from a recognised User Service as listed above requesting RAYNET assistance at the event.

The RAYNET member may use or permit the use of the Radio Equipment by a member of a User Service during any operation conducted by a User Service or during any exercise relating to such an operation in each case for the purpose of sending Messages on behalf of the User Service. The Licensee may use the Radio Equipment to assist with communications in times of disaster or national or international emergency.
Non - Emergency & Planned Events.

To enable Cumbria RAYNET group to provide the best possible service it is helpful if users assist by adhering to the following guidelines:

Before the Event.

Contact RAYNET as early as possible requesting assistance, giving the date, location and duration. Arrange an early meeting with the Group Controller to discuss your requirements. [Prior to an event Group Controllers, or their representative, normally discuss with event organisers the operational details, the information RAYNET will be required to pass during the event, and RAYNET’s expectation of the reimbursement of costs. This can be achieved by a meeting or over the telephone]. Provide a letter from a recognisable *User Service Requesting RAYNET assistance at the event. Provide 6 figure map references clearly indicating the exact location of checkpoints or other points where radio coverage is required to enable risk assessments of checkpoints to take place prior to the event. Full information is required at least one month prior to the event, with a final update not less than 10 days before the event. Brief your personnel and other Voluntary Emergency Services of RAYNET’s role in the event. 

During the Event.

Provide a key person (eg, your Safety Officer) who can make operational decisions. You should note that RAYNET’s role is to pass messages only, not to make operational decisions. Cumbria RAYNET group members do not provide First Aid cover or act as event Marshals. [Insurance provided by The Radio Amateurs’ Emergency Network covers members in connection with communications (message passing) only; members are not covered for any other duty they undertake (eg, marshalling or directing traffic)]. Please ensure that marshals and the First Aid cover organisation are aware they should be available until the event is officially complete. RAYNET will pass stand down messages to the out stations and checkpoints on behalf of the organisers. Cumbria RAYNET group will provide a distinctly and conspicuously marked communications control unit for most events. Cumbria RAYNET group members wear conspicuously marked yellow tabards and carry ID cards. Cumbria RAYNET group members have insurance cover for third party liability. A brief chronological log of messages passed is maintained by the Cumbria RAYNET group control staff. If refreshments are being provided for the marshals please afford the same facility to all the RAYNET personnel on duty at your event.

After the Event.

Cumbria RAYNET group will be pleased to attend any debrief of the event during an evening or at weekends.

Expenses & Donations

Cumbria RAYNET group members provide their own personal radio equipment and services freely. However this doesn't mean the Cumbria RAYNET group, our membership or any other voluntary group should be left out of pocket when providing their services for the greater good of the British public. RAYNET will in most cases submit to the relevant event organising representative who requested services a recommend a suitable level of donation to cover out of pocket membership expenses. Event organisers should not request the services of the Cumbria RAYNET group if they do not have the authority of the organisation they are representing to pay reasonable expenses as detailed below. Sometimes it isn't possible to forecast reasonable expenses before the start of a new event and all event organisers should set a ceiling figure if there is a restrictive budget in place. Most event organisers should expect to cover the Cumbria RAYNET group memberships reasonable expenses and make a donation to the Cumbria RAYNET group. The Cumbria RAYNET group reserves the right to use promotional material such as but not limited to any or all of the following: large banners, flyers, posters, business cards and to take and publicly publish photo's while on an event of any kind. The event organiser should make it clear to Cumbria RAYNET group prior to the start of the event if this unacceptable or if conditions need to be in place. The following points are made as guide only to the reasonable expenses that may be incurred during events and as a rule event organisers should expect to make a donation which covers the cost of, but may not limited to any or all of the following:

Travel, Mileage and Fuel - This is most likely the biggest expense our members face on most duties. Cumbria RAYNET Group calculate duty mileage based on each members home postcode to their place of duty, the duty mileage incurred while on the duty and return at the end of each day or duty. HMRC guidelines are used for calculating figures. Our membership receive a mileage allowance for these journeys to cover the running costs of their vehicles in accordance with Section 1(4) of the Public Passenger Vehicles Act 1981, which exempts them from both Passenger Service Vehicle and Hackney Carriage / Private Hire Car licensing laws. Generator and other specialist equipment hire charges and fuel running costs.

Parking - Sometimes we have to pay these charges just like everyone else and we pass these costs on where they are the direct result of being deployed to cover an event.
Entrance fees to chargeable areas.

Ferries & Toll Roads - Where no other route exists, or the timescale of the duty requires either or both of these. Some duties require this and we would look to agree these charges in advance with the event organizer or the person requesting the deployment.

Basic overnight accommodation - Some very long duties require this and we would look to agree these charges in advance both with the event organizer and the person requesting the accommodation. This will most likely be in the form of camping or caravanning.
Other - Anything else which is purchased upon your instruction and we would look to agree these charges in advance both with the event organizer or the person requesting the deployment.